Markets for Aluminium

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Markets for aluminium

Aluminium is such a versatile material that it is used in most major industries.

Innovative applications for aluminium are all around us making the world a lighter and brighter place to live. The car you drive to work in may have aluminium wheels and doors and bonnet to drive fuel efficiency. Your house or office building uses aluminium windows and doors or maybe even an aluminium roof to improve insulation and save on electricity. Roof mounted photovoltaic solar panels have an aluminium frame and the power lines bringing electricity into our homes is carried by aluminium conductor cables. The aeroplanes in the sky above you would not be able to fly without lightweight aluminium as a key component. Used your smart phone or tablet today? Even the high-tech gadgets you use to keep in touch with friends and family make use of sleek, attractive aluminium casings.

Aluminium is an essential element of modern life.

At Hulamin, we monitor all evolving applications where our aluminium products can be used and we work with designers and engineers to take concepts from the drawing board into the factory and then into use in our modern world.