Aluminium Heat Exchange Products

Aluminium Heat Exchange

Aluminium for automotive heat exchange products

Hulamin supplies a comprehensive range of rolled aluminium products for use in the manufacture of automotive heat exchangers, which are the core of a vehicle’s thermal management system.

We are internationally recognised as a leading supplier of heat exchanger products and have supplied customers across the world for over 20 years, with high quality aluminium for use in radiators, charge air coolers, condensers, evaporators and other products.

Our heat exchange products have been validated at all major global OEM’s via strategic partnerships with key “Tier 1” automotive suppliers.   Our products are also manufactured for the important after-sales and parts-and-accessories markets.

We supply a range of long-life alloys in each of the three key heat exchange product groups, in either a bare or clad format.  Specially developed clad alloys offer maximum corrosion prevention - we offer single-clad, double-clad or multi-clad products.

  • Finstock  - in coil from 0.05mm gauge
  • Tubestock – in coil from 0.200 mm gauge
  • Header and Side Support, in coil or sheet from 1.5mm gauge

With the global trend to high-efficiency thermal management systems, Hulamin works closely with strategic customers and our technology partners to research and develop new products that provide improved corrosion protection, flexibility in forming, high-strength, specialised slit-edge quality, surface chemistry, optimum brazeability and other key attributes.

Products for automotive use are manufactured in accordance with the IS/TS 16949 (2009) quality system.  Our quality management systems are supported by extensive laboratories, which provide modern, leading-edge analysis and testing.

Our flexible and collaborative supply chain ensures ontime, infull deliveries to customers on all continents.