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Sustainability Reports


Hulamin’s ability to achieve long-term strategic objectives is closely linked to our commitment to sustainable development. We believe that we have a responsibility to respond to the ever increasing challenges in the economic, social and environmental spheres in which we operate.

This understanding motivates our commitment to respond in a number of key areas with specific and time-based action plans.


Download the Sustainability Report 2023

Hulamin publishes a report annually in which we discuss our sustainability challenges, our philosophy, strategy, work and achievements in more detail.  

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The group has a number of executive committees consisting of executive directors and other senior executives, with formal terms of reference approved by the board.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Committee


The Hulamin B-BBEE Committee reports to the Transformation, Social and Ethics Committee on the six elements of the B-BBEE scorecard, which are: ownership, management control, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and socio-economic development.

The B-BBEE Committee’s key responsibilities are:

  • To provide strategic direction with regard to Hulamin’s overall B-BBEE strategy
  • Align Hulamin’s B-BBEE strategy with the overall business strategy of the company
  • Monitor and review B-BBEE progress within Hulamin
  • Provide the mandate for the setting of targets for the various B-BBEE elements
  • Development of appropriate strategies and processes for the achievement of B-BBEE targets

Review the progress towards the achievement of the B-BBEE targets and provide direction where challenges are:

  • Experience
  • Ensure the appropriate communication of the company’s B-BBEE strategy and the implementation thereof
  • Create a platform for sharing B-BBEE information and relevant experiences from which we can learn
  • Review the company’s compliance with employment legislation and regulatory requirements, e.g. the Employment Equity Act, Black Economic Empowerment Act

Report to the Transformation, Social and Ethics Committee

Risk Management Committee


While the board is ultimately accountable for risk management through the Risk and SHE* Committee, the implementation of the group’s risk management policies and systems of internal control is an integral part of management of the group’s operations.

The Risk Management Committee’s key responsibilities are:

  • Recommend to the Risk and SHE Committee the risk management strategies and policies of the group
  • Review the integrity and appropriateness of the group’s systems of risk assessment and management
  • Identify new or emerging risks related to all aspects of the business, including financial, operational and compliance risks
  • Monitor risk reduction actions
  • Review the internal controls that have been implemented to manage significant risks, and the assurance provided in respect of those controls

Report on its activities to the Risk and SHE Committee

Information Technology (IT) Management Committee


The IT Management Committee’s key responsibilities are:

  • Ensure that an IT governance charter and policies are established and implemented
  • Promote an ethical IT governance and management culture
  • Provide leadership and direction to ensure that the IT function achieves, sustains and enhances the company’s strategic objectives
  • Ensure that an IT governance framework is adopted and implemented and that the board via the Audit Committee receives independent assurance on the effectiveness thereof
  • Ensure that the IT strategy is integrated within the company’s strategic and business processes
  • Ensure there is a robust process in place to identify and exploit appropriate opportunities to improve the performance and sustainability of the company
  • Oversee management who is responsible for the implementation of all the structures, processes and mechanisms to execute the IT governance framework
  • Ensure the company obtains independent assurance on the governance of IT, and that adequate controls are in place for outsourcing IT services
  • Ensure IT legal risks are addressed
  • Ensure that there are systems in place for the management of information assets
  • Ensure that the information security strategy is successfully implemented
  • Ensure appropriate reporting to the Executive Committee and to board committees

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Committee


The Safety, Health and Environment Committee’s (SHE) key responsibilities are:

  • Review SHE performance
  • Review major SHE risks
  • Monitor actions to reduce SHE-related risks
  • Identify new or emerging risks related to SHE
  • Review of the internal controls to manage SHE risks

Report to the Risk and SHE Committee