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"Hi, I am Thuthuka and I am a Maintenance Engineer"

Hulamin awarded me a bursary in my second year of engineering studies in 2007. It has been the best nine of years of my life to date. The experience and relationships I have developed at Hulamin over the years has helped me to hone my engineering skills.





"Hi, I’m Bridget"

Studying metallurgy meant breaking boundaries as a female and expanding on a scarce skill in South Africa. Being a Hulamin bursar allowed me to attain my dreams and join a company that is cutting edge in the Aluminium industry. Thank you Hulamin!




"Hi,  I am Sabelo"

I am born and bred in Pietermaritzburg. While in grade 12 I was awarded a comprehensive bursary by Hulamin to study metallurgical engineering at university. Not only did they cover my tuition costs but I also had an opportunity gain practical experience through vocational training. I currently work for Hulamin as a graduate metallurgical engineer.



"Hi, I am Ian and I am a Control Engineer at Hulamin"

Being on a bursary from Hulamin meant all my needs were taken care of so I could focus on my studies and get access to the best support. Working in an industrial environment during my vacations gave my degree much more richness than just “book learning”.

 I now have a challenging, stimulating job working with fantastically sophisticated systems. I get sent overseas to consult with some of the best engineers in the world.

 I love my job, I love my life and I love being a part of the Hulamin family.




"Hi, I'm Sandile"

From a Hulamin bursar to a mechanical engineer... the journey has been quite smooth for me. Working with world class machines at Hulamin has given me core experience in mechanical engineering.





"Hi,  I am Winnie and I am a Metallurgical Engineer"

When I registered at university I had no idea that Hulamin will one day come to the university to interview and offer potential candidates a bursary that covers nearly every need of a student. The company offers practical exposure during vacation (June and December) and that helps individuals to familiarize themselves with the career path they would want to pursue after completing undergraduate studies.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that Hulamin presented when they offered me the bursary to help me realize my dreams in the engineering world.