Painted Aluminium Products

Hulamin's coil coating lines provide pre-painted coil solutions for the large and growing Building Market as well as for a range of applications such as number plates, caravans, signage and other uses.

Coil pre-treatment and painting is done to the highest international standards using paint systems developed with the best paint technologies available.


Aluminium painted roofs are superior when compared to the other traditional roofing materials when it comes to life-time cost performance.

Aluminium's long life in the field is legendary - and that is exactly what you want in a building. The exterior of the structure must stand the test of time and aluminium is one of the few materials that can give guaranteed performance for the longest time.

Hulamin has been supplying both mill-finish and pre-painted coil to the building industry for more than 30 years. Our product is tried and tested in many applications in the building industry

Our range of pre-painted aluminium coil covers the broad need in the market for the manufacture of roofs, gutters, fascias, panels, components, cladding, ceilings and many more applications

Color-Tech G4

We market our pre-painted roofing coil under the brand name “Color-Tech G4”.

The substrate aluminium is designed for formability in all industry standard roll-formers and the G4 paint complements the performance of the aluminium giving aesthetic appeal, thermal performance and additional corrosion protection.

The coating paints we use in our G4 coating are based on polymer chemistry, which, over the past 10 years, has been progressively developed to achieve durability and colourfastness.

Whether it is ultimate environmental acceptability, great weathering resistance and durability, incredible design flexibility in colour and gloss level, superb adhesion for overpainting, ease of fabrication, excellent cost-effectiveness or the good abrasion resistance you require - Color-Tech G4 has it all... and more!

We offer a dynamic range of colours created to give the designer the freedom of expression to use a full palette of opportunity, in a range of colours and finishes.

Where to use Color-Tech G4 for superior value for money:

  • Roofing on domestic, industrial and commercial buildings
  • Cladding applications
  • Shading, screening and awnings
  • Decorative panels and signage

Color-Tech PVDF

Color-Tech PVDF combines the well-known and proven durability of our aluminium with the internationally proven performance of the Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 resin systems.

This roofing paint system is the ultimate choice in aesthetic durability - a building clad with Color-Tech PVDF gives you the unique combination of one of the world's most durable coatings over the world's most durable metal.

Color-Tech PVDF is specified by leading building professionals to beautify and extend the life of commercial, industrial and residential buildings wherever long-term visual impact is required and particularly in inhospitable climatic surroundings.

Where to use Color-Tech PVDF:

  • Major roofing installations - like stadiums, airports and hotels.
  • Cladding applications
  • Where longevity and superior colour-fastness are essential

Color-Tech - Key Specifications


Hulamin offers guarantees of between 15 and 20 years depending on the paint system, colour and the location of the building where the product is finally installed. Guarantees are available on application.

Sizes available:

Gauge: 0.35mm - 1.00mm

Width: 900mm – 1 250 mm

Length: in coil

Other sizes on request

Alloys: 3004, 4017

Paint system: G4 Polyester / PVDF

The diagrams compare the specific performance characteristics between the G4 polyester system and PVDF

We offer these standard colours but on major projects we use our coating expertise and close working relationships with paint suppliers to develop specific colours or match an existing corporate colour.

Standard colours in G4

Marble White Sandy Beige Charcoal Grey
Hazy Grey Azure Blue Forest Green

The standard colour for the reverse side coat is Mountain Mist (RAL 7035)


Mill-Tech is our mill-finish roofing sheet product specifically designed for the building market.

Countless projects covering many millions of square metres around the world have proven the remarkable durability of mill-finish aluminium. It may seem strange that a roofing sheet does not need painting but aluminium has superior inherent corrosion resistance and it performs well in a mill finish in many climatic zones.

The reflectivity of Mill-Tech improves the thermal efficiency of the building, reducing cooling and heating loads, saving money and energy. It is a cost-effective way of ensuring that a building has the optimum protection against the effects of corrosion.

Where to use Mill-Tech

  • Roofing
  • Farm buildings
  • Cold storage installations
  • Pipe and tank cladding
  • Cladding of commercial and industrial buildings

Sizes available:

Gauge: 0.35 mm - 1.20 mm

Width: 900 mm – 1 250 mm

Length: in coil

Other sizes on request

Alloys: 3004, 4017

Gutter Coil - with G4 coating system

The gutter system is often the most exposed element of a building’s exterior.  To ensure that the colour of your building ages uniformly we recommend that you specify Hulamin’s G4 Gutter Coil.

Aluminium gutters outperform other guttering system substrates. The corrosion resistance and light weight of an aluminium gutter system will ensure that is the most cost effective material to use on a total lifecycle cost basis.

Sizes available:

Gauge: 0.60mm - 0.90 mm

Width: 266mm - 448 mm

Length: in coil

Other sizes on request

Alloys: 4017

Paint system: G4

Standard colours

Marble White Royal Brown Charcoal Grey
Rich Ivory Anthracite Forest Green

The reverse side (inside of the gutter) is always in Marble White

Other painted products

Pre-painted coil is perfectly suited to a range of applications where the paint coating enhances aesthetic appeal as well as increasing further the corrosion resistance of the aluminium substrate.

Many of the painted products are developed to the unique requirements of the customer.

Typical examples include:

  • Number plate coil
  • Caravan sheeting
  • White goods
  • Signage