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Sustainability Reports

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Hulamin’s ability to achieve long-term strategic objectives is closely linked to our commitment to sustainable development. We believe that we have a responsibility to respond to the ever increasing challenges in the economic, social and environmental spheres in which we operate.

This understanding motivates our commitment to respond in a number of key areas with specific and time-based action plans.


Download the Sustainability Report 2023

Hulamin publishes a report annually in which we discuss our sustainability challenges, our philosophy, strategy, work and achievements in more detail.  

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Can Stock Aluminium Rolled Products

The can stock market is one of the most demanding packaging markets and Hulamin’s products have stood the test of time.

Hulamin has supplied coated can end, bare and coated tab stock products to independent and multinational can-makers around the world for more than 30 years. The advent of the all-aluminium can in South Africa afforded Hulamin the opportunity to expand our can stock portfolio and enter the exciting can body stock market.

What sets Hulamin apart in this competitive supply segment are our close relationships, based on sound technical support, formed with our customers and supply chain partners.

As a responsible supplier, our expertise in recycling has accelerated since 2010 and we are well positioned to assist with environmental Life Cycle Cost analyses and used beverage can (UBC) recycling concepts and ideas.

These are the broad specifications of our products in the can stock sector.

Coated Can-end Coil

Gauge:  0.208mm - 0.330 mm

Width:  120 mm - 1650 mm

Alloys:   AA5182, AA5042 (with mechanical properties designed to meet the requirements of the end).

Coating Systems: Internationally recognised coil coating systems complying with FDA and other industry regulations are available to meet the requirements for beer, tea, carbonated soft drink and other beverages. These include:

  • Water based epoxy resin system
  • Solvent based epoxy resin system
  • Solvent based polyester resin system
  • Coatings are available for post lube or non-post lube applications.

Coloured end stock includes a variety of gold shades as well as a limited range of double coated can end to suit specific customer requirements.

Tab Stock (Coated & Uncoated)

Can Stock Aluminium Rolled Products

Gauge:                 0.240mm - 0.460mm

Width:                  43 mm - 95 mm

Alloy Range:       AA5182, AA5042 (with mechanical properties designed accordingly)

Tempers:             H39, H391, H48


A range of standard colours is available, while colour matching to meet specific requirements is available on request.

Can Body Coil

Gauge:                 0.245mm to 0.305mm

Width:                  to 1 715 mm

Alloy Range:       AA3104 (with mechanical properties designed accordingly)