Custom Shapes

Hulamin Extrusions has a library of more than 15 000 dies, the majority of which are for the production of customer bespoke shapes. Our expertise lies in the ability to assist clients with specific designs by first understanding the end product and production methods, then collaborating in the design process of an extrusion. By working together with our customers a win-win situation is achieved meeting the customer’s requirements, optimising extrusion manufacturing efficiencies and product performance.

Profile Design

Customers are encouraged to look beyond the properties and shapes of the traditional materials they have used before and to use our resources to design profiles that will deliver the best results in the finished product. Our involvement in the design process will leverage features and benefits available from the extrusion process and incorporate these into the design.

Key considerations:

  • Choose the right alloy for the applications and production processes.
  • The strength of the profile will depend on alloy selection, its shape and the thickness of the profile’s elements.
  • An extrusion of uniform thickness is easiest to produce, but the extrusion process allows thickness to vary where necessary.

A profile that is  friendly to the extrusion process will assist us to deliver on time every time.

Assembly and Functions

Optimise your profile design by including the following assembly features and functions:

  • Screw ports
  • Bolt slots
  • Snap-fit locks
  • Cooling fins
  • Joint functions
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Moulding channels
  • Decorative lines