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Welcome to Hulamin

Aluminium Supplier to Africa and the World


Hulamin lies within the mid-stream aluminium industry and is responsible for transforming primary aluminium into two types of semi-fabricated products, namely, rolled products and extruded products. These products are used by downstream fabricators within the packaging, engineering, automotive and construction sectors. Over 50% of Hulamin’s sales are local with the remainder being exported to manufacturers around the world.

Semi-fabricators such as Hulamin play an important role in the country’s aluminium supply chain, by being the link between the upstream and downstream aluminium industry.

The contribution of the aluminium industry to the regional economy is built on the certainty of primary aluminium supply from Hillside and Mozal. Hulamin Richards Bay Casthouse also plays a key strategic role in securing the supply of Hulamin’s aluminium slab needs. The absence of these suppliers would result in a serious risk to the sustainability of the industry.

In fostering operational resilience and adaptability, Hulamin aligns management policies and procedures with internationally acknowledged standards for excellence, safety, transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. Prominent among these are ISO standards such as ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 22000 for food safety, ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability, and ISO 45001 for workplace health and safety. Currently, we are embarking on a journey of implementing ISO 50001 for energy management. The B-BBEE certification demonstrates our commitment to promoting economic transformation and inclusion across black ownership, management, skills development, and other socio-economic factors.