Hulamin's Role

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Hulamin's Role

Largest Semi-Fabricator in Sub-Saharan Africa

Aluminium has shown itself to be a metal that drives industrialisation and is an enabler of innovation. It is also a sustainable metal which is infinitely recyclable.

Aluminium’s key role in industrialisation is of particular relevance to South Africa and the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Countries in this region are all on an industrialisation path and need aluminium to fulfil their potential.

Hulamin is the largest semi-fabricator in the sub-Saharan region of Africa and we take seriously our responsibility to drive the growth of aluminium usage in the region. The availability of primary aluminium in South Africa, together with our rolling and extrusion technology and capacity, positions Hulamin to ensure that all industrial market segments are well supplied.

While we are proud of our modern asset base and are committed to maintaining our technical mastery of rolled and extruded aluminium production, the essence of our role is to assist our customers to develop new aluminium solutions and business opportunities.

Here is where we sit in the aluminium chain in Southern Africa: