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Hulamin invests in Technology where it really matters; in our people and our equipment:

Our People Embrace Technology

We invest in a team of qualified people to ensure that we really understand what customers want; and we then develop these product requirements into alloy specifications, process recipes, machine set-ups and product quality plans which together ensure the products we make meet customers’ requirements.

We leverage the experience and skills of our own technical staff by working with an international base of experienced scientific and technical experts. This interaction is designed to ensure we stay ahead of the game in the demanding technical world of aluminium rolling.

Working with the engineering and metallurgical faculties of universities in South Africa has produced advantages for both Hulamin and the world of academia over the past three decades. This philosophy of cooperation is the cornerstone of building a pool of talented and qualified individuals aspiring to careers in Hulamin and in South Africa’s broader aluminium industries. Our bursary programme demonstrates our commitment to inspiring young people to train in our field.

Investment in Equipment

We maintain a high level of investment in equipment so that the many products we make to our customers’ widely varying specifications can be produced over and over again within tight manufacturing specifications. New equipment, upgrades to current machines and a best practice approach to maintenance are designed to keep us at the forefront of rolling technology.

The capital intensity of aluminium rolling means that equipment must be selected carefully and maintained rigorously. There is no better place to start in this process than with the many great companies who build equipment for the aluminium rolling industry. The more the equipment builders understand our needs, the better the final design of the equipment. Hulamin works hard to build and maintain strong and productive relationships with the industry’s equipment suppliers. While we will never be their biggest customer, we are determined to be amongst their best.