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Hulamin's collection of toys over the festive season, for children in need, goes back some 8 years and was linked initially to the "Toy Story" initiative co-ordinated by East Coast Radio in Durban.  For the last 5 years our collection has been independent thus ensuring that all the toys are distributed to children in the greater Pietermaritzburg region only, predominantly in the "France" informal settlement area.

What starts off as a large, empty perspex box placed in the Reception area of our main plant in Edendale, Pietermaritzburg, soon becomes a treasure trove of exciting surprises.  Toys of all descriptions, donated by Hulamin's employees, fill the box by mid-December when the toys are collected by a local charity.  This year, 2011,  "Reach out with Love" received the toys to distribute to the children at a Christmas Tree party held on 16 December 2011.