Waste Not Want Not

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Aluminium Hot Cross Bun Tray Easter

Making good use of what we already have.

Together with the demand from an ever growing eco and socio conscious customer, we ask ourselves - could recycled material become mainstream? We think it could.  In fact, at Hulamin Containers, we are already half way there.  All of our aluminium foil containers are manufactured with 50% recycled content.  As ‘greenie’ as this is, it just makes business sense; why create more ‘stuff’ to throw away, which costs more money. 

Do you know that aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be recycled repeatedly without ever any loss in quality?  That’s right; 70% of all the aluminium ever made remains in use today! What’s more, the process to recycle aluminium only requires 5% of the energy that would otherwise be needed to make ‘new’ aluminium. 

We all play a powerful role in protecting our future and at Hulamin Containers, we understand the full worth of our choices, to make decisions that will encourage the sustainability of our resources.


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