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Integrated Annual Report 2017



Human capital is considered a core asset at Hulamin and the skills of our people are the foundation of our success. Hulamin appreciates the importance of our people, who are equipped with knowledge, skills and motivation, which gives Hulamin a leading advantage.






Criterion  Target 
Number of 
Black representation at senior management  58  46  32 
Black representation at middle management  85  81  145 
Black representation at skilled and supervisory level  91  95  907 
Women at senior management  12  14  10 
Women at middle management  23  21  37 
Women at skilled and supervisory level  15  19  180 


Our workforce consisted of 2 020 employees at December 2017 (2016: 1 934) on whose skills, education and experience we rely to deliver our strategic objectives. Core and specialist skills required throughout our operations include, among others, metallurgical engineering, rolling, roll-grinding, surface treatments and casting.

Employment equity

Hulamin believes in the development of all its employees, regardless of race and gender, but with more emphasis on people from designated groups. Hulamin regards employment equity as a special intervention required to address the past in providing equal opportunity to previously disadvantaged citizens of South Africa.

Employment equity is an integral component of Hulamin’s strategy with a particular focus on:

To this effect Hulamin has developed a formal Employment Equity Plan and designated the Chief Executive Officer as the custodian of ensuring the achievement of our five-year employment equity objectives. For more information on our Employment Equity Plan please refer to our sustainability report available electronically at www.hulamin.co.za.

Hulamin has continued to make strides towards achieving its Employment Equity Plan and in the current year has made the following significant achievements:


Skills development

Hulamin strives to develop skilled and motivated employees through an outcomes-based approach to development that endorses personal growth, individual responsibility and a culture of lifelong learning. Training and development initiatives draw on the technological, operational and process knowledge that exists within the business, and uses this to guide employees into developing innovative solutions for real business challenges.

Hulamin believes that it is important to continue to develop organisational capabilities for future sustainability, and to contribute to reducing the skills shortage, thus boosting growth within the South African manufacturing context.

A Training Committee has been established which functions in accordance with requirements of the Skills Development Act and the MERSETA. For further information on the terms of reference of the Training Committee please refer to our Sustainability Report which is available electronically at www.hulamin.co.za.

Talent Management and Development

Hulamin has implemented a talent management strategy to ensure that Hulamin has the appropriate plans and interventions in place that enable the organisation to have the right skills in place as cost-effectively as possible to meet future needs.

Performance management remains the key driver in our talent management approach. Key performance indicators and performance reviews are calibrated to ensure alignment to the business’s critical drivers. All employees are subject to bi-annual performance reviews and six career conversations with line managers.

Refining and delivering structured and integrated succession planning and career development processes are areas of the talent management strategy that have received deliberate attention and will continue to receive sharper focus in 2018.

More information relating to the components of our talent management and pipeline development programme is available in our Sustainability Report available on our website at www.hulamin.co.za.



Hulamin is committed to the wellbeing of employees and to providing a safe working environment that ensures that the business continues to function effectively and retains and attracts skilled people in future.

Hulamin has embedded a culture of safety in the organisation to ensure that its plants are operated safely and that employees are protected from injury or from harm due to incidents or exposure. To achieve this, employees and the teams in which they work are guided and supported in taking responsibility for their own safety. Hulamin seeks to continuously improve its safety performance by measuring and monitoring both leading and lagging indicators that are aligned to industry best practice.

During 2017 Hulamin continued to strive to achieve enhanced safety standards and improvements on unsafe conditions. After 11 years of being fatality free a contractor working on repairing the Foil Mill roof on Hulamin’s Edendale site was fatally injured when he fell from a height of 10,5 metres through the roof above the rolling mill. This tragic event had a profound effect on the entire organisation.

The number of lost time injuries (LTIs) increased from one in 2016 to eight in 2017 with human behaviour being the biggest contributor to these injuries. Hulamin continues to monitor high-potential hazards and incidents that caused injuries to learn from them and improve safety behaviour and conditions.


Hulamin believes that the good health of employees is essential for motivation, capability and productivity. To this end, we offer benefits for employees and their families. Hulamin has adopted a “shared responsibility” approach to the wellbeing of its employees. In this regard, the company equips employees with the appropriate education and healthcare facilities in order for employees to best manage their own health.

The Total Recordable Case Frequency Rate (TRCFR) and the Lost Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTFR) is the number of recordable injuries divided by the number of hours worked, multiplied by 200 000. Targets for 2017 were LTRIF 0,18 and TRCFR 0,5.


The heart, mind and hands of the employee determine how connected they are to the organisation they work for. Hulamin understands and recognises this and also believes that its employees play a critical role in the successful execution of its strategy and its vision for growth.

During 2017 Hulamin engaged with its employees through an updated engagement survey to track the initiatives put in place which were identified in the engagement survey of 2015. The survey allowed Hulamin to gauge the current state of engagement as well as establish a baseline to track views, perceptions and changes in employee engagement over time.

The result – an improved employee engagement of 7%!

A lot of effort has gone into implementing initiatives as recommended by our people. To mention just a few, there has been a complete overhaul of the performance management process since 2015. Although the process has been implemented in a phased approach, the fruits thereof are starting to show with most employees starting to give positive feedback about the process. Another critical factor to improving employee engagement was leadership. We have introduced a Hulamin leadership development programme which employs the same principles at all levels of management allowing these principles to be applied at all leadership levels. This has also resulted in employees recognising a positive shift in the leadership of the organisation.

In 2018 we will be focusing on issues that were identified by the recent survey and engaging with our employees to see how we can improve going forward. We believe in a healthy relationship with our employees hence continuously trying to improve this relationship.

Hulamin is audited for verification and compliance in line with the OHSAS 18001 management standard.

Further information on our various health initiatives are provided in our Sustainability Report available on our website at www.hulamin.co.za.