Primary operating segments

The group is organised into two major operating divisions, namely Hulamin Rolled Products and Hulamin Extrusions which offer different core products, and are the basis on which the group reports its primary segment information.

Semi-fabrication of rolled aluminium products

Principal activities

Hulamin Rolled Products is a modern, globally-competitive producer of a range of technologically sophisticated sheet, coil and plate products. Focusing on high-quality, tight tolerance and complex products, the Rolled Products business provides customers with a unique mix of technical expertise, high technology manufacturing capability and responsive customer service.

The Rolled Products operation, which is based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, includes re-melting and recycling facilities, direct chill ingot casting, continuous casters, hot, cold and foil rolling mills and a range of further finishing processing lines.

Key markets

Rolled Products is the only rolling mill in South Africa and supplies customers on all continents, with the majority of its products being exported to customers in North America, Western Europe and the Far and Middle East for use in the packaging, automotive and transportation, engineering, and building and construction markets. Hulamin Containers, a downstream business in the rolled products segment, is South Africa’s leading producer of rigid aluminium foil containers for the catering industry and for household use.

Key strategic focus areas

  • Operational performance
  • Rolling slab and melting ingot supply
  • Local market growth and opportunities
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Secondary melting processing

Semi-fabrication of extruded aluminium products

Principal activities

Hulamin Extrusions is a leading local supplier of aluminium extrusions. The business operates from two plants, one in Midrand, Gauteng and one in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, with a sales office in Johannesburg.

Key markets

Hulamin Extrusions supplies the local engineering and architectural markets with a wide range of extruded aluminium profiles in both standard and custom shapes. Hulamin Extrusions also holds a 49% share in Almin Metal Industries Limited, a Zimbabwean extrusion-intensive business.

Key strategic focus areas

  • Billet supply
  • Threat from imports
  • Market opportunities
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Secondary metal supply

R’000  Rolled Products  Extrusions 
Revenue  7 288 391  750 527 
EBITDA*  599 226  60 762 
Normalised earnings  326 625  31 730 
Total assets  5 897 340  372 038 


Global Revenue