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GOVERNMENT Local, provincial and national government, including regulatory authorities. They license us to operate and provide a supportive regulatory environment
PROVIDERS OF CAPITAL Shareholders, investment community, creditors and lenders who provide us with the financial capital required to sustain our growth
CUSTOMERS We are reliant on customers and potential customers to sustain revenue generation and growth. The majority of our sales are to export customers. We are focused on growing the local and regional markets
SUPPLIERS Suppliers of metal and other products and service providers are important as we are reliant on them to provide safe, good quality and good value products and reliable services that support growth
EMPLOYEES Employees are the key underpin to achieve operational performance and objectives. This is covered in detail under the Human Capital section here
COMMUNITIES We build and nurture existing relationships, and create a conduit to better understand community needs and interests. This allows for us to contribute to transformation, enterprise development and various corporate social investment initiatives. Refer to our online sustainability report for details

Continual and responsible contribution to regional development:

  • Facilitate downstream development
  • Job retention and creation
  • Transformation and empowerment
  • Safer workplaces
  • Healthy competition amongst businesses
  • Energy consumption reduction

Sustainable growth and returns on investment:

  • Sustainable returns
  • Supportive regulatory and business environment
  • Future growth for the business

Reliable service, good quality products and competitive prices:

  • Long-term security of supply
  • Consistent supply of products
  • Improved manufacturing capability and product range

Continued growth and relationships:

  • Long-term supply contracts
  • Efficient payment cycles

Provision of gainful and safe employment:

  • Employment security
  • Safe working environment
  • Competitive remuneration and benefits packages
  • Workforce transformation
  • Information and communication
  • Participation and empowerment

Responsive contribution to community interests and needs:

  • Support for key community developments and activities
  • Sponsorships and donations
  • Employment opportunities
  • Support for environmental initiatives


Social and relationship capital encompasses our relationships with communities, groups of stakeholders and other networks. It incorporates shared values and behaviours and provides us with our social licence to operate. Interaction with key stakeholders, consideration of their concerns and earning their trust are central to maintaining and developing this capital.


  • Rightsizing of workforce resulted in about 160 employees being retrenched
  • Black representation at management level is 60% and 92% at skilled and supervisory level. Representation by women across the workforce is 13% Fewer total injuries in 2013
  • Level 3 BEE Contributor status maintained
  • Continued improvements in preferential procurement, enterprise development and skills development
  • Carbon footprint consistent with 2012
  • Development of local supply of can body stock
  • Investment in scrap processing and recycling plant approved
  • Strategy revised and refocused
  • Headline earnings increased to 57 cents per share
  • Normalised earnings up 251%
  • Agreements entered into with Nampak Bevcan for the supply of can body coil for the production of aluminium beverage cans
  • Opportunities unlocked in the recycling of aluminium and the approved R300 million investment in the scrap processing and recycling facility
  • Continued focus on quality (particularly product surface quality), on-time delivery and long-term reliability
  • Extension of rolling slab supply contract to December 2014 and ongoing discussions regarding longer-term availability of primary aluminium melting ingot from Hillside and the supply of rolling slab from Bayside
  • Rightsizing of workforce had a negative impact on employee morale
  • Health and safety and overall management of human capital improved, refer to the Human Capital section here
  • Greenhouse gas emissions closely monitored
  • 103 employees in sponsored education programmes
  • Over R1 million invested in bursaries
  • Continued progress in enterprise development initiatives