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With the world’s focus on the need to sustain and protect scarce natural resources and with a growing population, there is an increasing trend towards storage and preservation. We recognise the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Aluminium has properties which are well suited to address these needs and help create a sustainable future.

Packaging reduces the pressure on global agriculture as it has the ability to store and preserve. Aluminium used in food packaging has great barrier properties, is corrosion resistant and can be formed into a variety of shapes. These properties, and the fact that aluminium is infinitely recyclable, promotes aluminium’s ability to store and preserve.

Primary aluminium acts as an energy bank and is used in the manufacture of all applications. Recycling these aluminium applications uses only 5% of the original energy used to produce it. By using and recycling aluminium, we place less pressure on the environment and pave the way to a sustainable future.

Aluminium is durable and corrosion resistant, and when it is used in construction, it allows for an increased lifespan. Solar panels are an increasingly important means of creating and preserving energy and are also manufactured from aluminium.

Globally, we are seeking to reduce our impact on fossil fuels. Lightweight passenger vehicles and trucks built mainly from aluminium are lighter and therefore consume less energy.

Hulamin plays a key role in allowing aluminium to create a sustainable future in Southern Africa.