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The role and future of Hulamin and aluminium in South Africa


  • Obtain low-cost, sustainable metal supply from smelters and aluminium scrap
  • Increase local/regional sales
  • Develop a focused product range – packaging, automotive and infrastructure sectors
  • Secure a competitive energy/gas supply
  • Establish recycling capability
  • Progress BBBEE and ownership transformation
  • Procure support for aluminium as a strategic industry in the local economy
  • Develop a platform for growth phase (as the region expands and develops)


  • Job creation (downstream fabrication development, recycling, mid-stream growth)
  • Balance national accounts (export fabricated aluminium products rather than primary aluminium)
  • Manage carbon footprint through aluminium’s energy bank properties
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Growth in local downstream fabrication
  • Transformation of the economy
  • Achieve National Development Plan (NDP)/IPAP goals
  • Human capital development
  • Improve South African competitiveness
  • Promote technology development
  • Industry success/world-class aluminium supply package
  • Investment opportunities

Aluminium is a driver of industrialisation, an enabler of innovation and a sustainable metal which is infinitely recyclable. It is a:

Driver of economic growth and contributor to national accounts

  • Aluminium has a broad industry demand and can act as a catalyst for investment in a wide range of manufacturing applications
  • As more aluminium is sold into the local economy, more aluminium can be recycled and reused. This stimulates investments in low-carbon recycling projects

Energy Bank

  • Aluminium smelters are a substantial base load customer of Eskom and a beneficiator of the country’s abundant coal reserves.
  • As local demand and supply of aluminium increases, more aluminium will be able to be recycled and reused, thereby placing less demand on the country’s electricity resources
  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, with little loss and degradation, and the recycling of aluminium has a very low energy footprint
  • The use of aluminium promotes a reduction of carbon footprint in downstream product applications

Key input for fabrication

  • Aluminium is a key input in a wide variety of industries and product applications
  • A strong local supply industry will therefore facilitate investment in downstream fabrication as the region expands, thereby continuing to improve the competitiveness of South Africa and the region

Source of livelihood

  • Employment and subsistence (informal – scrap collection and formal)
  • Entrepreneurship (strong aluminium supply industry supports the growth of new downstream businesses)

Vehicle for technological innovation

  • Aluminium has advantageous physical properties which are aligned with technological innovation
  • Supports the development of endless applications

Leader in recycling

  • Major purchaser of scrap
  • Reduce aluminium industry energy usage (closed-loop)
  • Reduce aluminium industry carbon footprint
  • Catalyst for the development of other recycling industries

Hulamin is the vehicle by which primary aluminium can be channelled into the downstream industry locally and regionally to be used in a broad range of product applications.

Creator of economic value AND HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPER

  • Contributor to national accounts through the export of semi-fabricated aluminium
  • Provider of employment
  • Supports and promotes investment in downstream fabrication industries
  • Procurer of local goods and services

Leader in South African aluminium value chain

  • Largest supplier of aluminium raw materials to South African manufacturing industry
  • Aluminium technology provider and developer
  • Driver of foreign direct investment in downstream manufacturing
  • Unlocks the properties inherent in primary aluminium for use in a variety of industries and product applications
  • Leader in recycling
  • Promoter of aluminium usage in the local economy

Regional social partner/stabiliser

  • Transformation/BBBEE leader
  • Procurer of goods and services
  • Social investor
  • Major regional employer

Export manufacturer

  • Earner of foreign currency/balance of payments

Preferred supplier of aluminium manufacturing inputs

  • Responsible international-quality supplier to the local market
  • Enabler of economic growth

Major partner in metals semi-fabrication

  • Technology – developer and partner in government support programmes
  • Partner with government and other industry players to support NDP vision

Leader in manufacturing excellence

  • Developer and provider of skilled people
  • Benchmark in metals processing

Positive counter to aluminium smelting carbon footprint

  • Stimulator of aluminium usage
  • Leader in metals recycling in local economy