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At Hulamin we recognise that our ongoing obligation to sustainable development is fundamental to achieving our long- term strategic objectives as a company. It is this realisation that inspires our commitment to understanding and responding to the concerns and hopes of our stakeholders, and to partnering with them in finding lasting solutions to the pressing sustainability challenges we face.

We recognise that challenges in the economic, social, and environmental spheres in which we operate continue to increase, predominantly in the areas of safety, climate change, air and water quality, energy and water usage, transformation and socio-economic development.

Our goal is to make Hulamin a company that delivers long-term value to shareholders and employees and a positive association with all stakeholders. In 2012 we have continued to seek solutions that make sense to our customers, investors, employees, government and other key stakeholders but also recognise that sustainability challenges will not be easily resolved.

We have positioned Hulamin to better benefit from the opportunities that arise out of our responses to these challenges.

Hulamin’s priorities for the 2013 financial year impact a number of key areas of our business, and include safety, operational, growth, stakeholder and transformation objectives.

We continue using Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G3.1 as a guideline for the drafting of this report. Our sustainability key performance indicators are reported and measured using internally developed guidelines.

We have obtained external independent limited assurance covering selected key performance indicators.

CEO Richard Jacob congratulates Rafique Balliram, who won Best Health and Safety Representative in December 2012