Think Future. Think Aluminium. Think Hulamin.


Mutual respect

We treat each other as we would like to be treated. We respect the rights and fair expectations of others – this has particular importance in our diverse society. Developments and performance in the areas of employment equity, participation, skills development, and health are covered in the Sustainability Report.


We are all team players. We achieve more working together than the total of everyone’s efforts working alone. Our logo symbolises our commitment to teamwork. The composition and details of our board of directors and Executive Committee are set out in the governance and compensation section.



Honesty and integrity

We behave in ways that are ethical and result in trust, openness and fairness. Developments in governance, compliance and ethics are set out here.

Working safely and responsibly

Every employee has the right to work without fear or risk of personal injury and has the responsibility to work in ways that give the same right to fellow workers. Furthermore, every employee has the additional responsibility to promote zero harm to our environment. Our performance in the areas of safety and the environment are set out in the Sustainability Report.



Customer value

  • We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • We recognise that our customers have alternatives.
  • We strive to be our customers’ first-choice supplier.

Our stakeholders and key engagements during 2012 are covered here.