Aluminium Food Packaging

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Characteristics of Aluminium are ideal for Food Packaging

The characteristics of aluminium make it an ideal material for food packaging. It is temperature stable, has excellent heat conductivity, is non-toxic, odourless and moisture resistant. These advantages make aluminium foil containers ideal for various applications within the food industry - food can be chilled, frozen, baked, reheated and grilled.


Food in aluminium containers can be heated in a standard electric, gas or microwave ovens. Aluminium retains its structural integrity within a wide range of temperatures from well below freezing to the high temperatures used when baking and oven grilling (where browning may be required). 


Hulamin Containers’ aluminium foil containers are 100% recyclable.


Our Aluminium Food Container Packaging Solutions

Our versatile packaging solutions include:

  • Lids

Plastic PET Lids in line with international standards (combination packs of containers and lids are also available),

  • Printing

Water-based inks are used to ensure a safe environmentally friendly form of printing on aluminium for branding and product identification.

  • Black Aluminium Caterware

The ideal tray to enhance the presentation of party platters, functions and in-store displays.


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