Rim Styles

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Rims are made in different styles to meet the specific requirements of the container. The rim styles offered are illustrated here. Vertical flange, hemmed edge, full curl vertical and interrupted vertical rim styles can accommodate rigid lids although in some cases, snap-on lids can be provided for full curl containers.

  • Raw Vertical Flange

    Crimped down over the lid, the raw vertical flange provides a fairly tight closure. The support offered by the lid also gives increased strength to the pack. Lids in foil board and rigid transparent PVC are included among the many types of lids available.

  • Interrupted Vertical Curl

    Available only on rectangular and square containers, the combination of a raised curled flange on the sides and a raw vertical flange on the corners offers maximum strength and tight closure (using either board or transparent lids).

  • Heat Seal Curl

    Exclusive to smooth wall containers as the full curl is located at a minimum of 2/3 below the flat ledge. Its primary use is to provide a flat unrestricted surface to which a heat sealed cover is applied.

  • Full Curl (slightly raised)

    Similar to the full curl, but slightly raised to further prevent spillage.

  • Full Curl

    The product gains additional protection from this rim style, which gives maximum strength and rigidity to the container. Ideally suited for high-speed dispensing machines used on large production lines. The evenly rounded edge also makes the container more attractive as a serving dish. Film or foil over wraps, flat foil hoods, or snap-on plastic lids, can be used to close the containers.