Our Aluminium Food Containers are Recyclable

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Do more with less

Aluminium, as a packaging material, together with our policy 'to do more with less', makes Hulamin aluminium foil containers one of the most sustainable packaging materials available. It can be recycled and reused indefinitely, without any loss in quality and the recycling process saves 95% of the energy that would otherwise be needed to make 'new' aluminium.



Our commitment to conversing this sustainable resource is evident in that all out aluminium products have over 50% recycled content.

Local benefit

It can be argued that there is further benefit to the environment in supporting locally made products. There are lower transport costs when compared to that of imported goods, which has a significantly lower contribution to your carbon footprint by comparison.

We all play a powerful role in protecting our future, and our choices and decisions encourage the sustainability of all our resources.


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