Dual Ovenable Aluminium Containers

Hulamin's Aluminium Containers are Dual Ovenable

Use our aluminium containers with your conventional oven, grill or microwave.

According to research from Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Freising, Germany, aluminium foil packaging can be used safely in modern microwaves and ovens. In fact, aluminium foil containers are an ideal packaging for convenience meals as they retain their shape and rigidity across all methods of heating. 

In some instances the appearance, flavour and texture of food heated in a microwave oven can be greatly enhanced when placed under a grill, giving it an authentic oven-baked appearance.

How to use aluminium foil containers in a microwave oven with confidence

  • Use only shallow foil containers, no more than 3cm deep, to ensure the microwaves penetrate effectively.
  • Where appropriate, cover with a plate or microwave cling film because food completely encased in aluminium foil will not receive microwave energy.
  • Make sure the foil container does not touch any other metal (such as the sides, door or any metal accessories) to avoid arcing and possible damage to your oven.
  • Always use containers one at a time, and place on an ovenable glass plate.
  • Do not use bent or damaged foil containers, or re-use the containers in the microwave. Wash them and return for recycling.
  • Increase cooking time by 10%, to allow for the fact that energy is only being absorbed from one surface.
  • All other standard microwave practice applies: Stir food dishes as appropriate, leave to stand after re-heating and ensure food is piping hot before serving.

MircoMix Containers

We longer supply this legacy branded product as all Hulamin's Aluminium containers are microwavable.


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